Our History

Bond Street Bar, founded in 2009, was established as a local dive to serve the extraordinary community of Asbury Park. The immense popularity of Bond Street inevitably led to an expansion we call The Complex.

The Complex is a unique and expansive space located in the heart of downtown Asbury Park. This establishment encompasses three restaurants and four bars, each with a distinctive vibe and flavor. Be it tacos at LoterĂ­a, a juicy burger at Bond Street, or a slice at Capitoline, there really is something for everyone.

Underground, you will find an entertainment hall the length of a full city block. This space features a green living wall, shuffle board, ping-pong, table soccer, a full bar, and occasionally, live music.

A notable aspect of The Complex experience is the undeniable authenticity of the space itself. The rich history of Asbury Park sings through the materials salvaged from classic landmarks throughout the city. You will find a chandelier made from a pinsetter original to Asbury Lanes, cooling tower windows from the Paramount Theater, repurposed wooden ceiling beam tables from the Lakehouse Music Academy, and much more.

Eat well. Spend little.